On June 25, 2022 Ciputra Hanoi and Phuong Dong General Hospital has successfully organized the “Ciputra Family Healthcare Day” with the participation of hundreds of residents.

As a part of the community activities, Ciputra Hanoi has cooperated with Phuong Dong Hospital to provide free medical check-ups and treatment for the residents together with entertainment activities and health advice. Since the pandemic, this has been a meaningful activity that has attracted the participation from a large number of Vietnamese residents as well as the foreign residents.

Residents arrived early to register for the medical check-up.


The free medical check-up service takes place from 8 a.m to 18 p.m. Ciputra Hanoi residents were given a general health check on Internal Medicine (such as liver, kidney, heart, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.), on Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology and on Gynecology such as abdominal ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound with modern medical equipment and scientific check-up program by a team of professional and experienced doctors from Phuong Dong General Hospital.

Giving health advice for the elderly.


In addition to providing free medical check-ups, Ciputra Hanoi also organizes entertainment activities, advises healthcare knowledge, offers medical check-up packages and presents participants with meaningful gifts. Therefore, residents get to enjoy the meaningful weekends through this event.

Activities for kids.

Entertainment program at the event.


“Ciputra Family Healthcare Day” is an event for the health of the community in general and for the health of Ciputra residents in particular, with the purpose of increasing the residents’ awareness in improving their health and their life quality. After a long period of separation caused by the pandemic, it is also an opportunity for them to interact and connect.