Recently, Ciputra Hanoi’s community has experienced a very unique “ghost” festival on Halloween right at the urban campus, following the Covid-19 epidemic prevention rules and regulations.

The girls’ magical makeup

With the main color tone of black and orange, features of Halloween namely a series of spooky and creepy shapes of Jack-O’-Lantern pumpkin lights, skeletons, skulls, Death, witches, bats, zombies, etc and the unique transformation of the participants make the ceremony colorful in a vibrant, mysterious atmosphere.

In addition to enjoying discovering the ghost world, the “little demons” are also extremely excited to participate in a traditional activity, Trick or Treat, in which groups of witches, little vampires … will go to each resident’s house to ask for candy, making the whole space filled with hustle and bustle.

The children enjoyed taking pictures with the Jack-O’-Lantern pumpkin lights

Besides the traditional meaning of using humor and ridicule to confront the power of death, Halloween also reminds a story about Stingy Jack in the form of a pumpkin with a sly smile. When alive, Jack used his cunning to deceive the Devil to gain his own benefit, so when he died, Jack became a vagrant, helpless forsaken spirit as Heaven and Hell both refused. The European and American traditional festivals spend Jack one day back to earth. In that day, Jack can live and play comfortably because people have disguised as a devil for Jack’s soul to mix, avoid loneliness. This is the human meaning of Halloween. With this human meaning, Halloween and Hungry Ghost Festival (full moon of the seventh lunar month) in Vietnam can be considered as the day when the netherworld and the world are reunited in great compassion without separation.

Let’s take a look back at the beautiful, horror and cute pictures of Halloween at Ciputra Hanoi this year!

Not only the children but also the parents are also very eager to attend the event

An impressive “creepy” decorative corner

Ghostly corners are not for the weak-hearted

Child residents transform into cute fairy characters

The children are eager to receive gifts at the Festival

The creepy atmosphere cannot take away the children’s cheerfulness and excitement

 “I am a new resident of The Link345 for a few months. I am very satisfied with life in Ciputra Hanoi. With green year-round nature, high-end facilities and exciting activities and movements for residents, I and my family are absolutely assured when choosing to live here” Ms Hoang Lan, a new resident of Ciputra Hanoi, said.

As the largest international community in Hanoi, Ciputra Hanoi always focuses on spiritual life for residents through diverse and colorful community-connected activities such as Mid-Autumn, Halloween, Christmas, Sports Day, etc with the aim of making every day in Ciputra a happy and full day.

According to the latest information from the Investor, The Link L5 building has been completed and handed over into operation. Currently, Ciputra Hanoi still reserves a small number of apartments available for customers who want to join the Ciputra Hanoi class community. For more details, please contact our Sales department at 1800 1088 or visit website: