A sneak peek into Grand Gardenville West Lake Residence


A sneak peek into Grand Gardenville West Lake Residence

Long hailed as the icon of a civilized, high-class way of life, Ciputra Urban Area proudly introduces our youngest member in the family – Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Residence. Thanks to its unique assets, Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Residence has differentiated itself from other projects and become one of the most sought-after keywords by customers and investors.

Amid the blooms of villa and gardenville projects, Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Residence is in a league of its own. As Ciputra’s decades-old business philosophy goes, it is not the flamboyant marketing campaign but the actual standard of living that speaks volumes. Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Residence’s proven quality shines through and confidently caters to the most demanding homeowners.

Lower density, greener space

There are 161 villas in Grand Gardenville Tây Hồ Residence, situated on a 6,000m2 green park and surrounded by a lake and golf courses.

Green spaces in Hanoi are true gems. Yet, the hunt for a tranquil home with green space and assured privacy in the very centre of Hanoi is more or less mission impossible. Given how astronomical land prices in Hanoi are, mushrooming eco-friendly urban areas on the outskirts can be an alternative. The biggest downside, though, is the crazy travel distance between one’s residence and their place of work or study.

Such gap in the market has triggered a growing interest in inner-city green residences among investors. Sad to say, even with 5-7 hectares of precious city centre land on hand that has been ecologically “planned” to tick every box, many investors still fail to deliver.

“I have resided in my current villa for a long time. As time goes by, I have come to appreciate the sustainable quality of a residence. Not just off to a good start, then gradually downhill! After the first few years, some of my previous developers started fitting more high-rises into the neighborhood until it was no longer livable. Others promised me hectares of extensive greeneries, but when I paid a visit to my prospective homes, all I saw was concrete buildings,” said Mr. Nguyen M. Cuong (Linh Dam Urban Area, Hanoi).

Mr. Cuong spoke on behalf of numerous customers, who are also on their journey to find the perfect green space in the centre of Hanoi. Incomplete green spaces, poor planning, and high density of housing are the some of the biggest pet peeves of home seekers.

Located within Ciputra Urban Area (Nam Thang Long), which is more than 300 hectares, our new residence of 161 villas not only inherits the existing infrastructure, most of villas facing 25ha green park and also has its own 6,000m2 of landscaped gardens. As far as well-to-do customers in search of some much-needed privacy are concerned, Grand Gardenville West Lake Residence is a luxurious class flight with a strictly limited number of seats: 161 homeowners/6,000m2 green space is the golden ratio for an ideal eco-friendly life.

Selected features for an exclusive life

Unlike other projects, which, as advertised, are bombarded with a myriad of features, Grand Gardenville Tay Ho Residence boasts a selected few to best meet the needs of its future owners.

Residents can enjoy the amenities of Ciputra Club – a sports, fitness, and entertainment complex. Leadbetter Golf Academy, golf courses, fitness centres, indoor swimming pools, restaurants, and bars… are among its facilities. Well-equipped meeting venues of diverse sizes are ideal for businesspeople who would like to have flexible work options.

The wide selection of prestigious schools in the vicinity is also a plus. United Nations International School (UNIS), Singapore International School (SIS), Hanoi Academy International Bilingual School, and Kinderworld International Kindergarten — all located within the urban area — lay a perfect foundation for the education and development of our future residents.